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Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association for Greater London

An a-political, not for profit organisation, delivering a range of high quality support services to London's Reserve Forces - Army, Navy (Royal Naval and Royal Marines Reserves) and Air Force and their Cadets. Providing a means of engagement between them and various London communities, both to enhance two-way communication, to enable the provision of other services and also to maintain the Reserve Forces and Cadets estate.


Brigadier (Ret’d) Paul Orchard-Lisle CBE TD DL


Wandsworth Council

The council for the London Borough of Wandsworth


The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

In 1986, the Company of Information Technologists was made a City Company without grant of livery. Six years later, we were awarded full livery company status, becoming the 100th Livery Company in the City of London and were awarded our Royal Charter in 2010.


The Worshipful Company of coopers

The Worshipful Company of Coopers is one of the oldest in the City of London. In modern times it has evolved into the trustee of six principal charities and a social and charitable enterprise that retains an identity focused on the ancient craft of cask making.


Department for Communities and Local Government



The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 with the noble object of promoting "Englishness" and the English way of life. The Society quickly attracted the support of many distinguished public figures in England and throughout the British Empire. Its first Royal Patron was Queen Victoria; and the society has enjoyed the Patronage of every reigning monarch from that day to this.

THE worshipful company of barbers

The Barbers’ Company is ranked 17th in precedence among the 110 livery companies of the City of London. It is one of its oldest, having celebrated its 700th Anniversary in 2008.

Charitable activities underpin the ethos of the Company and reflect, in large part, its medical origins. Whilst being thoroughly modern in the way it operates, the Company cherishes its history and many of its ancient customs and keeps these alive by continuing its own traditions and fully participating in the civic life of the City of London.


THE arms and armour heritage trust

The Arms and Armour Heritage Trust promotes the maintenance and exhibition of collections of Arms, Armour and associated objects.


THE worshipful company of armourers & brasiers

The Armourers & Brasiers' Company was founded in 1322 as the Guild of St George of the Armourers, it was awarded its first Royal Charter in 1453 from King Henry VI. In 1708 the Armourers joined with the Brasiers and the Worshipful Company of Armourers & Brasiers received its current charter from Queen Anne.Since the 19th Century, the main focus of the Company has been its charitable giving. Through The Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust the Company supports general good causes and education and research in Materials Science and Metallurgy.


The Worshipful Company of Grocers

The Worshipful Company of Grocers is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, ranking second in order of precedence of 1515. They play a significant role in the City’s constitutional and ceremonial life, including the election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and with the valuable industry and support of members nationwide, they maintain and develop the fundamental ethos embodied in the early Ordinances: ‘to be a nursery of charities and a seminary of good citizens’.

The Middlesex and 10th Queen's Territorial Trust


The Worshipful Company of GOLD AND sILVER WYRE DRAWERS

The City of London Livery companies form one of the largest philanthropic movements in the world with their 35,000 strong body of Liverymen and history stretching back over 700 years. The Company seeks to increase its charity funds to support and improve its ability to make grants and donations to a wide variety of worthy causes, mainly connected with the City, education and the arts as well as other causes espoused by the Master or individual Liverymen.




The Mercers’ Company is the Premier Livery Company of the City of London. The Company, and its associated charitable trusts, makes substantial grants to support education, general welfare, church and faith and arts and heritage. A network of almshouses and other homes for the elderly are also managed by the charitable trusts associated with the Company. The Company is closely involved with the running of 17 schools across the country and supports them primarily through the appointment of governors. It also provides, with the City of London Corporation, free public lectures in the City at Gresham College.


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