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The first world war, told through social media as if it were today

Who is Walter Carter?

Walter is a fictional but authentic character, created from a range of historical sources, checked and verified by independent historians. Everything that happens to him is firmly based in historical fact and contemporary accounts. Walter tells his life story for the duration of the First World War, in real-time – 100 years to the day from when it happened. 

Are there other characters?

Yes, there is a cast of characters, each with their own distinctive voice. By reading their comments on Walter’s pages we can join in with his friends, some in the other Services, and also his family and girlfriend as they experience life on the WW1 Home Front – and read how their stories develop too.

What does he say?

He tells us much more than factual information about the battlefield during the Great War and the Home Front – he talks about his thoughts, ambitions, feelings, opinions, relationships with family, friends and comrades, and how the War impacts on every aspect of his life.

“When I launched the government’s First World War programme in October 2012, I set out our key themes of remembrance, youth and education. This project fits well with those themes and I hope it will do much to engage and educate young people about the important events of the First World War.”
David Cameron
Prime Minister, 2010 – 2016
“Getting young people today to engage with the real impact of the First World War is a challenge, but this project is a truly imaginative and effective way to do just that. I know that young people are already checking out the Facebook page to see the latest information and I’m sure that they’ll do that in ever increasing numbers as the stories unfold.”
Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy

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